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Wow, this is only my 3rd journal entry this year. I hope you take that as a sign of how busy I've been and not how lazy I am.

Lots has happened, I've graduated and I'm working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes. I assure you there will be lots more Luke Pearson action in the latter half of the year.

I've totally neglected deviantart the last few months which is kind of shitty of me since most of my biggest and best friends and followers are here, so I apologise and promise to keep up to date a bit better.

Anyone on twitter? I'm a lot more regularly active on there currently and occasionally post sketches and WIP stuff so maybe you might wanna follow me or something. Or maybe not. It's your call.

For the time being, you can still purchase Solipsistic Pop 2 featuring my cover and a 4 page comic that you can't get anywhere else.
But there's more stuff coming very soon.
It's been a while. Two months in fact since the last journal! I'd say that time seems to be going really fast for some reason, I can hardly believe how fast the time's going, why is the year going by so fast, or something of the sort, but then I'd have to punch myself in the face.

So there is some exciting stuff happening. I'll have comics and illustrations in a few exciting publications that you can actually, legitimately purchase in the next couple of months.

And I am working on my first proper comic project that should be published towards the end of the year!

And also I'm still faffing about trying to put together a zine/minibook type thing that's a compilation of my best sketchbook pages which you'll be able to purchase with a whole spread of original drawings just for you.

And also some prints and stuff if anyone is interested.

I hope you're all well.

And thank you for all the llamas!
Hello all. Just checking in with a new journal because the last one was growing internet-mould.

It's the final semester of university now. The end is creeping nearer. I don't have much else to report. I have lots of work and ideas on the go so that should lead to some... pictures... for you to look at...

I need to get out more.

Here's some awesome pictures for while I still have a subscription.

The Incredibles by Mr-BluebirdKettumainen lintu by Nopa:thumb112341559:WEAR YOUR MASK ON by bloodykirkaRun Remonde, Run by artlambirats by Iceland-Ink:thumb147036241:Cleopatra by lermsMountain Love by laresistanceblister sisters by theartoflambSelf by okchickadeeChoktah by HannakinFor Lack of a Better Word by jokneeappleseed:thumb151940478:peanut gallery by CapnSkustingSicilian Defence by vladderTotal Alienation by Teagle

Mature Content

sushi dream by tonysandoval
Here's some of my fave comicking deviants. There are so many greats though, so sorry if you're a swell comicker and I didn't include you, I'm really just going through my faves and reminding myself what I've liked recently. So much good stuff out there.

Jango Comix -  Cookie Love by laresistance :thumb113969744: action figures 1 by mrdynamite HALFLIFE by RalphNiese A Visitor's Guide to Hyperion by benjaminography :thumb131868688: Lou Comic by Teagle :thumb145277372: :thumb134112821: comic idea by Iceland-Ink :thumb130916589:

Mature Content

A tuxedo knifing, 1978. by BenjaminCee
Vaudeville by bobbymono :thumb143354189: :thumb89594790: :thumb125208392: :thumb145692527: Romania in the EU by kraimann The Wolves in the Trenches p1 by TheWoodenKing kiss by manlitu Directions by MyNameIsMad :thumb145673003: Long Beautiful Hair by Scummy Paper Detectives pooooof by space-in-mind :thumb79383323: Love by The-Mirrorball-Man

Mature Content

space punk house 2 by theSSjulia
u were in my dream last night by trance-orange SHELDON and ELIO -1 and 2- by shelde5000 beware of the DEATH SHIRT by lanbridge Space Out by tin-squid :thumb142164928: THE NEW RETRO RENAISSANCE 1-2 by AtariPunk633

The lovely IngunnDybendal (who's work is brilliant and you should definitely be following) very nicely gave me a 3 month membership, so as not to completely waste it, I'm gonna share some pictures that I like. Just try and stop me.

:thumb133096705::thumb132199478::thumb141518111::thumb140780440:Family Cats by Teagle:thumb143796134:French Houses II print by JayCrumMewsli Gocco Print by Pocketowl

Mature Content

Sex Adventures of Reddy Bear 1 by hyronomous
Cortado by HelbeticoGumdrop by pinkasapeach:thumb141942887::thumb138199467:Resistance to Change by RalphNieseEleanor by HannakinPeculiar Portraits nr.2 by laresistance:thumb137034002:foxes by mrdynamitethe affliction by emm4239Birds are leaving... by vladderChina fall by manlituanatomy of a tree by benjaminographyTwig Spirit by 3482920son of the rashida by krayolaeater

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If by any remote chance you wanted to look at my pictures in some other place, maybe say, with a white background, deviant art is just too greenish grey for you, then want no further.. because I have a FLICKR!…

So if you are a person of the flickering persuasion feel free to add me.

Or just as good, point me in the direction of some good photostreams that you follow, because I'm hardly following anyone at the moment and I need to boost the list.

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Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption, which features a two page comic drawn by me and written by Lightspeed Champion, is now on sale!

Buy it here for £4.99…

This is the result of winning the comic competition run by Ctrl.Alt.Shift which was judged by Marjane Satrapi (!) and Paul Gravett and it is my first published work, which obviously is very exciting.

To quote from my blog, my original artwork (with a traditional ink wash especially for display) will be on display at Lazarides Gallery… in Soho until 30th November, alongside other original art from the book (including paintings by Dave Mckean, whom it is a ridiculous honour to be sharing gallery and book space with) so if you're in London at all, you should definitely stop by! It's free after all. My pages are downstairs in 'The Dungeon'.

I went to the private viewing last night and enjoyed my first taste of success. I did a potentially embarassing video interview alongside Lightspeed (who was a really nice guy) which may or may not surface somewhere.

In other news, I didn't win the Guardian short story competition (not that I expected to), but 'Some People' has been seriously doing the rounds, reaching the most popular spot on Reddit for a day, being passed around on Twitter and Tumblr and seemingly spreading across various blogs and forums. It even got a nod as a 'non winner' on the Forbidden Planet blog. I can't say I'm not pleased with it's progress.

(New stuff coming soon. I have been working, between flapping around and panicking, but mostly for things I can't, or couldn't show just yet. Such as this comic. But stuff is a'brewing.)

Thought I should make my other locations known since lots of people seem to be coming through here.


Definitely check out my blog because I made it nice to look at and easy to navigate with big fat category buttons!

Flickr coming soon!
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This week I found out I won the ctrl.alt.shift Unmasking Corruption comic competition that I entered. I got shortlisted and was up against 4 other artists to adapt a script by Lightspeed Champion into a 2 page black and white comic.

It was judged by people like Marjane Satrapi and Paul Gravett and it's going to be published in a corruption themed comics anthology and it's going to be exhibited in London in November!

So these are crazy exciting times. I will be throwing more details around as soon as I know them and the comic goes up.

On the downside I have been fannying around about this for some time and have been epicly unproductive elsewhere, which will have to change very shortly. Also my internet connection makes using deviantArt nearly impossible, which means it's a real chore to try and go through peoples uploads. I'm going to have to start going to the library or something every now and then and do it in bulk. OR get round to getting my laptop screen fixed so I can make use of the studio's speedy connection.
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I have officially started my last year of university. There's now a disconcertingly short period of time between now and real life. It is somewhat troubling.

So, another massive thank you to everyone who faved, or commented or showed love for 'Some People'. I'm still completely blown away by the amount of great feedback that's received. I usually like to try and respond to everyone's comments, even if it's just a thanks, and I've always made an effort to check out the gallery of anyone who watches me, so it pained me greatly when I had to clear over 5000 activity messages the other day. :( I guess a collective thank you will have to suffice.

It doesn't help that being back at uni I'm back with the worst internet connection ever and 50% of the time it times out and I have to try numerous times for a message to go through. Or I have to delete a message about 3 times to get rid of it.

I guess I've had a bit of a break lately as well, but the time's come to get back on top of things. I have been doodling away though, which you'll be able to see shortly.
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Thank you to anyone who's faved or commented "Some People" since it got DD'd.
I don't have time to read everything just now, but thank you, thank you, thank you. A thousand thank yous. :)
I appear to have crossed 50,000 page views!

I seem to have acquired a lot of new watchers in the last few months and weeks, so thank you to all my new friends and even more thanks to all you people who've been hanging around for years. I can't explain how much I appreciate it. :)
Okay, I fully know this is going to be lame since I don't have thumbnailing capabilities, but I raised my hand for gasteropod so I've gotta do it. The only reason to do this is if you're curious what my 3 favourite pictures of yours are as I suspect no one else will be bothered to click on a load of mysterious links to see.

1) Be one of the first 9 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Promotional List

2) For each of the 9 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.

3) If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing this way the list with 10 people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!


1) :icongasteropod:…
Incredible inking skills and a phenomenal sense of atmosphere combined with an interesting approach to comics. This guy's a pro.

2) :iconpandatime:…
Skilled in a really fun, traditional cartoony style and equally so in atmospheric, dramatically lit digital pieces. Good stuff.

3) :iconghostpockets:…
Bags and bags of psychedelic goodness from this dude. Prepare for an injection of citrus juices and sinister sherbert.

4) :iconmatcnew:…
This fella has a really crisp style and has a great sense of storytelling. His comics are really clear and are guaranteed to bring a smirk to your face.

5) :iconocdfx:…
Some impressive photography and design of all kinds here

6) :iconmynameismad:…
This lady's an incredibly talented and prolific comics artist who will surely go far. Hard to pick a best of, so here's an an amazing comic, an amazing drawing and an amazing giant snake thing.

7) :iconseraphl:…
One of my fellow illustrators in training at Loughborough. Impressive figurative skills and some awesome light usage. A mix of all kinds of interesting things and her doodle a day looks to be fun.

8) :iconhaius:…
Although there are comics, photography and some intriguing geometric images here, I completely love her beautiful, stark line drawings. I think she should do more.

9) :iconillves:…
Her images for finnish roleplaying game "Ikuisuuden laakso" are hauntingly pretty and is probably the only person who can make penguins look dignified and warrior-like.

10) :iconpapposilenos:…
Tucker is as skilled at chiaroscuro as he is at plain freaky looking, weird ass people. His gallery is short but sweet and fun to peruse.
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I know there must be a bunch of you.

Mine is here if anyone wants to follow my non-adventures.
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I have a piece in it! (And a b&w version is on the cover too)

"this book is a fabulous square of interest and hilarity! a coming together of artist's from around the globe including: The Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina, Indonesia, Canada, Australia and the UK."

Support your fellow dA artists?!
Support young talented international artists?
Love squares and a lot of heart?
Awesome collaborative publication of amazing illustrations,
photographs and drawings!

:icontatertoes: :iconperfectnoseclub: :iconskulldaggery: :iconkievman: :iconmumblingidiot:
:icongrthink: :icondandeliontale: :iconjonny-mistfit: :iconstingerstyler: :iconconfuse-d:
:iconytak87: :iconporangers: :iconnikzonderc: and more!

Reasonably priced and....
hand coloured and bound by :icontriscuitbox:
see more info and BUY HERE!!! :…

You should definitely get a copy.
Me, I'm off to Turkey in about 6 hours. See you next week!
That's that then. I'm pretty much done university wise until the end of the summer. When I will be facing the dark at the end of the tunnel. The final year of education.

Anxious to get my results for this year. I feel I've done some of the best stuff I've ever done, alongside some seriously half-arsed projects (that you haven't and probably won't see on here), so I'm expecting a quite good but not outstanding mark.

Intend to do lots of personal stuff and also fingers crossed to clear my backlog of requests and such in the coming weeks. I could be very pessimistic and point out that I've made similar claims numerous times before and not entirely followed up on them but that sort of attitude isn't really what I need right now.

But enough about me.

How are YOU doing, unsuspecting reader?
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As a result of my idiotic procrastination and apparent desire to keep life as stressful as possible, I seem to have ended up with the majority of 2 projects to finish in under a week.

If all goes to plan, no less than TEN comics of varying styles and pseudonyms will stem from my hand over the next 5 days. AND a short, fully scored animation also tackling various styles and subject matter.

My down key doesn't work properly.

This is stupid. I may not survive this.
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I got back from Chicago a couple of weeks ago now. It was only a 5 day trip but it was a lot of fun and a cool experience. I'm now off from uni for 4 weeks (well, 3 and a bit now) and now have a project to do based on it. Which I don't really have any strong crazy ideas for, but I'm sure something will arise.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately (I realise I'm essentially apologising to a website here, but I don't care). I haven't done a great amount worth uploading of late, lots of okish sketches and doodles and some uninspired (and unfinished) project work. I'm gonna be (hopefully) doing some pieces just for me and maybe developing some of the comic/narrative ideas that have been a brewin' the last few months. And then getting on with the chicago project which I'm determined to make the best thing I've done this year. Which shouldn't really be that hard.

I'm done.
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I'm off to Chicago tomorrow morning!
I'll let you know all about it when I get back. :D
Fact: If you screenshot my grand 40k you get a request.
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